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The Best Reverb Pedal - The Search Ends Here

I have been through many reverb pedals in my years of guitar playing. Some were great and some were downright awful, but even with the “great” ones, it felt like something was missing. Now getting the reverb sound from a top of the line amplifier with this built in is fairly easy if you have the money to spend and indeed, I have owned a couple of beasts that have more than satisfied my thirst for that wonderfully clean echo sound, yet when traveling a lot or when gigging across the country, it’s sometimes just not practical to lug a heavy amp around, especially one that if it were to be damaged you’d cry more than if a parent passed away (kidding of course).

So I was super delighted to stumble upon what I can now call the greatest reverb pedal thanks to http://www.bestreverbpedal.com, and that is, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame.

This piece of gear does it all for me. Super portable, easy to use, sounds f**king amazing and seems very durable. I’ve been playing around with it extensively for almost a year now putting it to the test and it hasn’t once let me down. Not only all of this, but it’s unbelievably affordable considering what it offers. I’ve now sold off my older pedals on Ebay and the Hall of Fame has it’s place permanently on my trusty old pedal board. I highly doubt it will ever be replaced.

So to anyone reading this, seriously just hit up Amazon right away and buy this. If you are looking for the best reverb pedal, that’s available on the market in 2014, look no further!

Peace out!

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